Third & Fourth

Welcome to 3rd and 4th Class

Class Teacher Ms Kearon

This month we focussed on Report Writing in English. For one activity we had to research nocturnal animals. We chose bats and owls because we felt they were quite spooooky to fit in with Halloween season. We also did a research project based on Caves!

We were learning about Bia in Gaeilge! Ní raibh ocras orainn mar rinneamar pizza’s i rith na seachtaine!! Chuireamar cáis, feoil agus salann trátaí ar an bpizza! Bhí siad blásta!

As part of this month’s Art, we used clay to make the Poulnabrone Dolmen, which is located in The Burren in Co. Clare.

We also constructed our volcanos for Science out of junk. We covered bottles with paper mâché which is very messy but lots of fun!!

As Halloween was approaching, we made spooky creatures with paper plates, 3D pumpkins and bat silhouettes in our extended learning time. Some of us in 4th class weaved spider’s webs with wool. A student kindly allowed our class to use her plastic spiders to put on our webs.

Our umbrella theme in SESE was Rocks and Soils. In Science we explored how volcanos erupt and did some chemical reactions! 4th used coke and mentos whereas 3rd used bicarbonate soda and vinegar!

Last week we made lava lamps. We learnt that water is denser than oil. The oil floated on top of the water. When liquids do not mix, we call this molecular polarity. We used Alka Seltzers to make the water carbonic. When bubbles formed it caused the food colouring to surface.

In Geography, we learnt about different types of rocks and soils. We now know that limestone is a sedimentary rock; formed from dead sea creatures and plants. We also know that it is a weak rock and is permeable (allows water to pass through it). We learnt about basalt and how it is an igneous rock. Igneous rocks are formed from cooled lava. We then went on to learn about the myth of The Giants Causeway, which is in Northern Ireland. We even created our own myths and legends about The Burren and it’s caves. We had fun learning about stalagmites, stalactites, columns and flowstone.

Check back in with us next month for more exciting news!!! 😊

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Poulnabrone Dolmens

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Owl and Bat Report Writing

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Halloween Art

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Halloween Dress up

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We really enjoyed taking part in Maths Week 2020! At the start of the week, we played games based on 2D shape; Guess the Shape, Shape Pictionary and Maths Bingo . We also learned about tessellation. We explored the work of an artist called M.C Esher, who uses tessellation in his work. We took inspiration from this artist to create our own masterpieces. We used the language of Lines and Angles in our Art lesson to create some spooky spider’s webs.

Fun outdoor Maths activities included a Lines and Angles Hunt and we also took part in a Maths based point-to-point orienteering course. The questions at the points were quite difficult, but we worked with our partner to solve them correctly! Teamwork makes the dream work!

Some of us in 4th class even had the opportunity to make our own Maths board games.