First & Second

Welcome to 1st and 2nd Class

Class Teacher: Mrs Veighey

We have made lots of autumn themed art.. hedgehogs and lion pictures using fallen leaves and painting trees using autumnal colours. 

 We are doing A K a Day  .. being active for the time it would take to run a kilometre every day. Outdoor running and walking when it is dry and indoors activities when it is wet. 

 We are reading Horrid Henry and The Giggler Treatment together. 

We are watching the pumpkins  grow and turn orange that we planted before the summer break. 

 We are having an assembly once a week with the Infant class and we sing hymns and have prayers together.  We have joined up for the Picker Pal initiative which is specifically for First & Second  classes throughout Ireland to foster an awareness of litter and encourage reusing, recycling, and reducing waste. 

We are concentrating on handwriting this term and beginning to join our letters.  We look forward to a happy  and busy year together. 

Mrs Veighey

               Our Pumpkins