First & Second

Welcome to 1st and 2nd Class

Class Teacher: Mrs Veighey

First & Second Classes settled in well to their new classes and classroom. All are enjoying being with their friends again and working well. PE & Art are favourites and Rugby on a Tuesday is well run and great fun. Each Friday we enjoy using our imagination and writing on a topic together and illustrating it. Each child will choose the topic by the end of the year. We are looking forward to the Hallowe'en theme next month.

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Friday Stories

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First & Second Maths Week

We used Topmarks website to play some Maths games this week: for example Helicopter Rescue. You are asked to find a number on the number line e.g. 5 more than 15 or 10 less than 53 and when you get the right answer a helicopter is sent out to rescue a boy hiding in the number.

We played snakes and ladders and other dice games in pairs. We play Tic Tac Toe and Noughts & Crosses. We made our own creations with Lego and set up Jenga to show the domino effect.

We learned about clocks in the past and made our own sundials. We had to stand facing north and saw the shadow that was created on the sundial.

We love doing outdoor Maths Trails and did one on Friday. We made a bear face from a square of paper and cut and pasted a puzzle in sequence.

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