Hewetson National School

Millicent, Clane, Co. Kildare

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Welcome to Hewetson National School

Hewetson National School is a co-educational school under Church of Ireland management standing on a three acre site about 1 kilometre outside Clane on the Millicent Road.

It was built on this site in 1805 after the closure of Betaghstown School when it amalgamated with the Church of Ireland School in Clane.

Our school has been remodelled to accommodate our pupils' modern educational needs. Classes go from Junior Infants to Sixth Class and pupils range in age from four to thirteen years. We have four Classroom Teachers and one Special Education Teacher.

Welcome to our website. Browsing around, you will see all the wonderful work we do here and find key information about Hewetson School which will give you a flavour of school life here. We hope you find it interesting and informative.

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June Newsletter

As we move into our final term at Hewetson, many exciting things are happening!

We are delighted to have the opportunity to engage with Eddie’s African Drumming Workshop for the next 8 weeks. It is always so energising and it’s wonderful to allow the children express themselves through music. Eddie is this year placing a particular focus on wellbeing and incorporating this through his drumming workshops.

3rd to 6th continue to work with Diarmuid from Music Generation. They are busy preparing songs for their mini recital on the 22nd of June. We are also excited to welcome the “Festival in a Van” which is also ran by Music Generation. We will enjoy the 35-minute outdoor concert on the 20th of May.

All classes look forward to their School Tours happening in early June. Infants to 2nd Class will be travelling to Fort Lucan. Third to Sixth class will be travelling to Clara Lara in Co. Wicklow.

Our school garden has been re-vamped. Thank you to all parents and members of the wider school community for their donations. We are especially thankful to parents who have so generously given time from their weekends to help us with this project. We have completed the Supervalu Save the Bees Programme and have sent away or entry for their competition. If successful, the school will receive prize money to put towards garden equipment.

Our school has been engaging with the Amber Flag initiative this school year. We have partaken in many wellbeing activities including Piloga classes, 10@10 movement breaks, Wellbeing Week and Mindfulness classes. Our mindfulness walkway has yet to be completed. We are reaching out to any parents who would be happy to help us complete our walkway...it is proving to be a lot of work for little hands.

Meanwhile, the children have been contributing their bit to the school garden. Infants have planted potatoes in the raised beds. 1st and 2nd class have planted fruit trees in the garden. They have also planted pumpkin seed which will later be sown outside. 3rd and 4th class sowed rocket, coriander, peppers & rosemary in seed trays. They also sowed broad beans, corn on the cob, onions and strawberry plants in the raised beds. The tomato plants are growing big and strong. Unfortunately, our courgettes did not make it through the April frosty period. 5th and 6th have since transferred the seedlings to the raised beds. They have also planted carrots, beetroot and peas. 5th and 6th have helped decorate the tyres in the garden and have created a herb wall from palettes. The creation of their wildflower area has been attracting many new species of bees and insects to the school’s Bug Hotel.

Our final requirement to secure our Amber Flag is to raise funds for Pieta House. On the 27th of May, 3rd to 6th class will be partaking in a sponsored hike to raise funds for Pieta House. Each child will receive a sponsorship this coming Monday. Infants to 2nd class will wear odd socks to school on May 27th to fundraise also.

Class News:

Infants are working very hard at sink and float science activities, learning about money and playing shop. They are learning about whales and painting jellyfish. They love their drumming classes on Thursdays and are sounding great.

First and Second are having a busy term. We finished learning about Farm Safety from AgriAware and have moved on to Road Safety. We helped plant some fruit bushes in our lovely new garden and have sown some pumpkin seeds that we hope to plant out later this month. We did some weeding to keep our school looking good. We were delighted with our prizes that we got for completing the Bible Times over the last year. We are happy to be singing together again and have learned a lot of hymns . We studied bridges and designed and made our own models. We looked at the work of the artist Mondrian and made our own Mondrian inspired pictures. We are enjoying The Magic Finger as our class novel. We loved our first day of drumming and are now looking forward to our Scooter Day and School Tour to Fort Lucan.

Third and fourth class have been working very hard. We enjoyed our final few chapters of maths, especially 3D shape. We loved working with nets to form 3D shapes and we also made 3D shapes with spaghetti and Blu Tack. Did you know our favourite subject is PE? We have also got new goalposts. Thank you to Willow and Dusty for their generous donation made towards new goalposts. We had great fun assembling them. It was a great opportunity to revisit procedural writing. Before Easter we made our own maps of the school’s premises. We used our maps as part of an orienteering activity. We hid Easter eggs and marked them on our map and our friends had to find them. We are now learning about farming. We have been learning about dairy and by-products of milk. We even made butter. It was great fun. We are keeping a close eye on the potato plants in the garden and are marking their growth rate on a line graph – very impressive! We look forward to learning about Andy Warhol’s art. Later this month we will be designing our own t-shirts by making prints with fabric paint.

This school term 5th and 6th have been finishing off the garden and path. We have entered the SuperValu save the bees competition to win €50,000. We have done some Indigenous Australian Art and we have started learning drumming with Eddie which is fun. We do drum on Thursdays and guitar on Wednesdays. We are learning about Australia in Geography. For English we have new literature reading groups. Each group pick their own books and read it every week and answer questions. We do lots of quizzes to help us revise for our end of the year tests. We have finally taken down the screens and are going to move desks which is exciting. We are planning on making an eco-friendly playground using only tyres. We are learning a new song on guitar for our graduation. We have ordered our 6th class jumpers. We are doing a bake sale to raise money for our school on the 2nd of June.

Save the Bees

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African Drumming with Eddie O'Neill

Juniors, Seniors 1st and 2nd classes

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African Drumming with Eddie O'Neill

3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th classes